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Baltic Fleet’s air defense crews hit notional enemy’s air targets

Sukhoi Su-30SM fighter jets imitated enemy aircraft

KALININGRAD, July 13. /TASS/. An air defense missile formation of Russia’s Baltic Fleet has fired advanced S-300PM surface-to-air missile systems to hit notional intruders of the Russian airspace, Fleet spokesman Roman Martov said on Thursday.

"The crews of the modernized S-300 air defense missile systems have practiced operations to accomplish assignments after receiving a signal on a notional enemy’s aircraft intruding into the airspace," the spokesman said.

Sukhoi Su-30SM fighter jets imitated enemy aircraft. After searching for and identifying the targets, the crews of S-300PMs made electronic missile launches. The troops also repelled an attack by the notional enemy’s subversive group during their march to the area of the drills.

The S-300 is an antiaircraft missile system capable of destroying modern and cutting-edge aircraft, including planes using stealth technology, as well as medium-range ballistic missiles, theater and tactical missiles, cruise missiles, and also radar surveillance and guidance aircraft, reconnaissance and strike complexes.