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Funding for Russian defense industry program to amount to $26.2 billion

According to the Russian deputy prime minister, the volume of military products increased by 20%

VLADIVOSTOK, June 24. /TASS/. The total amount of budgetary allocations for Russia’s state defense industry development program will reach 1.67 trillion rubles (roughly $26.2 billion), Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Friday at a meeting on the state defense order fulfilment in the Far Eastern Federal District.

"The total amount of budgetary allocations for the state military-industrial complex development program will reach 1.67 trillion rubles," he said.

Speaking on the state defense order fulfilment in the Far Eastern Federal District, the deputy prime minister said that the volume of orders will reach 1.8 trillion rubles (roughly $28.2 billion). The production growth has been recorded at 13%, and the volume of military and special purpose products, manufacturing has increased by 20%," Rogozin said. "We record growth in the industry sectors."

According to him, a 32% increase has been recorded in the radio electronics industry, a 22.5% increase - in the production of munitions and special chemicals, in the shipbuilding industry - over 16%, in the rocket and space industry - 7.5%, in the aircraft industry - about 6% Rogozin added that the growth has occurred in spite of the sanctions, the currency exchange rate and other factors. All this, according to him, compensates for the civilian industry losses.

The Russian deputy prime minister said that in the period from 2011 to 2015, labor productivity in the national defense industry had increased 1.7 times. According to him, the state program for the military-industrial complex development was approved in May, before that the work had been based on the federal target program. The new document is largely synchronized with the state armaments program. "We believe it is right when, on the one hand, there is a program of purchases of specific weapons and equipment, and on the other hand - there is a solid, serious program of the industry preparation for fulfilling these tasks".

He also said at the meeting that "By 2020, we should make the defense industry 100% ready for ensuring the manufacture or weapons and military equipment in accordance with the state armaments program, put into operation 929 facilities and bring the share of the innovative industry in the total volume of shipped products up to 40%," he said. "Also by 2020, we expect to work out at least 1,300 technology solutions for ensuring the manufacture of military products."