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Russian Baltic Fleet guided missile ship repels enemy air and sea strikes in drills

Overall, the sailors of the Soobrazitelny accomplished about 10 combat exercises, live-firing shipborne artillery guns

KALININGRAD, March 11. /TASS/. The Baltic Fleet’s Project 20380 corvette Soobrazitelny struck a notional enemy’s air and sea targets in drills, the Fleet’s press office reported on Thursday.

"In the course of the drills at the Fleet’s naval range, the corvette Soobrazitelny held an artillery battle with a simulated enemy’s surface ship and also thwarted the adversary’s massive air strike," the press office said in a statement.

Overall, the sailors of the Soobrazitelny "accomplished about 10 combat exercises, live-firing shipborne artillery guns," the statement says.

The corvette’s crew also held ship damage control drills while on the move and practiced receiving Ka-27 deck-based helicopters at night. Over the time of the flights, the helicopter pilots made over 20 landings on the corvette adrift and on the move, the press office said.

The Soobrazitelny is the Project 20380 first serial-built corvette. Project 20380 ships are multi-purpose corvettes developed by the Almaz Central Design Bureau of Marine Engineering (St. Petersburg) and designed to accomplish green-water escort and strike missions, patrol coastal waters and provide fire support during amphibious assault operations.

The Project 20380 corvettes carry Uran anti-ship missile systems and Redut surface-to-air missile launchers as their main armament. They are also armed with 100mm A-190 artillery guns and 30mm AK-630 small-caliber air defense missile systems. The corvettes can carry a Ka-27 helicopter.