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Russia unlikely to use electronic warfare on NATO ships in Black Sea massively — expert

Modern plans do not involve seizure of control and jamming of any frequencies, the counter-admiral said

SEVASTOPOL, March 16. /TASS/. There is no use to apply electronic warfare systems against NATO ships in the Black Sea, because this would make foreign intelligence services’ work easier, says Vladimir Solovyov, the executive director of Sevastopol’s Institute of CIS Studies, counter-admiral in retirement.

Earlier, the media reported that NATO ships that approach Russian waters in the Black Sea are effectively unable to conduct reconnaissance because of Russian coastal radio electronic counteraction.

"It is undisputed that [foreign ships] conduct reconnaissance: they study our reaction to their presence, our detection and escort capabilities. There is counteraction, of course, but it is not total permanent jamming," Solovyov said.

According to the expert, such total jamming would not serve the Navy, because "it would allow [foreign ships] to understand [Russian electronic warfare] capabilities, location."

"As far as I know, modern plans do not involve seizure of control and jamming of any frequencies," the counter-admiral said.

He explained that foreign ships, including the NATO ones, seek to learn their own action options and navigation features when entering the Black Sea.

"In such cases, we seek to maintain radio silence, use our systems less in order not to reveal their location," the expert said.