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Armenia may purchase additional Su-30SM fighters from Russia, says defense minister

"Today, Su-30SM are the best modern multifunctional fighters, and this is why we wish to acquire them," David Tonoyan said

YEREVAN, February 13. /TASS/. Armenia may purchase more Su-30SM multifunctional fighters from Russia, Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan stated during Wednesday’s briefing. Previously, Armenia ordered four Su-30SM fighters.

"Yes, we do not plan to be limited only by four units of this type of military equipment," Tonoyan said in response to a question about whether Armenia plans to purchase additional Su-30SM fighters.

According to him, "the already purchased fighters will be delivered to the country within the deadline stipulated in the agreement." "Today, Su-30SM are the best modern multifunctional fighters, and this is why we wish to acquire them," the minister added.

About Su-30SM

The multirole Su-30SM (serial, modernized) (Flanker-H by NATO classification) is designed to win supremacy in the air and for strikes at ground and surface targets. The aircraft has front horizontal fin and steerable thrusters. They make the aircraft super maneuverable. Su-30SM carries multifunctional Bars radar. It has a broad range of weapons, including air-to-air missiles and high-precision air-to-surface armaments; guided and unguided bomb units and a 30-mm GSH-30 -1 gun. The maximum weight of armaments is 8000 kg.

The maximum takeoff weight is 34500 kg. The aircraft’s length is 21.9 meters. The height is 6.36 meters. The maximum speed is 2125 km/h. The optimal combat radius is 1500 km.

The air refueling system, long navigation radio systems and an improved life support system enable the fighter jets to carry out combat training missions far from home airfields.

Su-30SM can be used to train pilots for perspective one-seat fighters. The aircraft has been built for the Russian Air Force since 2012. Su-20SM aircraft were adopted for service in 2018. They are taking part in Russia’s operation in Syria.