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Russian Army to get two brigades of S-300 air defense missile systems in 2019

There are also plans to deliver a total of 719 modern armored vehicles, the defense ministry said

MOSCOW, December 18. /TASS/. The Russian Army will get two brigades of S-300V4 and Buk-M3 surface-to-air missile systems next year, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at the ministry’s enlarged board meeting attended by President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday.

"There are plans to deliver 719 modern armored vehicles, one brigade set of Iskander-M missile systems, two brigades of S-300V4 and Buk-M3 surface-to-air missile complexes," the minister said.

According to Russia’s defense chief, 11 large units and military formations will be set up in the country’s ground forces in 2019. The share of modern weaponry will reach 50.8%. In 2018, the task of raising the level of modern armament in the Army was 2.3% over-fulfilled, the defense minister said.

‘This figure was brought up to 48.3%. The troops received 2,200 new and modernized weapon systems," Shoigu said, adding that in 2018 the armed forces had been augmented with ten new large units and military formations.

The S-300V4 is a follow-up of the family of S-300V air defense missile systems for the Army. This modification has been delivered to the Russian troops since 2014 under a contract signed in 2012.

The Buk-M3 highly mobile multipurpose air defense missile system is designed to destroy all types of aircraft in all the ranges of their use, shell radiocontrast ground targets and strike naval targets amid intensive fire and jamming.