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Russia’s newest armored vehicles shown during Army-2018 forum

The Army-2018 defense forum began on August 21

ALABINO TRAINING GROUND /Moscow Region/, August 22. /TASS/. Combat demonstrations of Russia’s newest military vehicles took place at the Alabino training ground near Moscow on Tuesday as part of the Army-2018 defense forum.

"During the demonstration of Russia’s newest military equipment, foreign guests could for the first time see the simulated combat of modernized T-90M tanks, BMP-1AM ‘Basurmanin’ modernized infantry fighting vehicle, ZU-23M ‘Sparka’ autocannon and Eskadron ultra-light attack buggy," the event’s press center said in a statement.

The visitors could see the Nerekhta tracked combat robot firing the Kord 12.7-mm heavy machine gun. Besides, Tigr-M infantry mobility vehicles, Rys light multirole vehicles, a Nona-S self-propelled mortar system, a Shilka-M4 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, a 2S34 Hosta self-propelled mortar system and other military vehicles took part in the demonstration.

The Army-2018 defense forum will be held in the town of Kubinka, the Patriot Park and the Alabino training ground near Moscow on August 21-26.