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Russia displays terrorists’ drones shot down over three days near Hmeymim

The Russian Defense Ministry official said the past month saw an increase in attempts at committing terrorist attacks involving drones

HMEYMIM AIRBASE /Syria/, August 16. /TASS/. Journalists from leading foreign mass media have been allowed to see terrorists’ drones shot down over the past three days near Hmeymim while trying to attack the airbase.

A group of foreign journalists touring Syria’s areas undergoing postwar reconstruction asked Russian military officials to let them see the makeshift drones terrorist use for attacks on Hmeymim. They were allowed to take a look at several improvised remote-controlled aircraft downed over the past several days.

Russian Defense Ministry official Major-General Igor Konashenkov said the past month saw an increase in attempts at committing terrorist attacks involving drones.

"Over the past month 45 drones carrying makeshift explosive devices were eliminated by the base’s air defense or means of radio-electronic warfare. Five drones were shot down over the past three days," Konashenkov said.

All ostensibly improvised drones in reality are high-tech pieces equipped with up-to-date navigation and control systems and bomb-dropping devices.

"This is a sure sign that some country having the relevant knowhow has shared it with international terrorist groups. However improvised they may look, the drones were assembled in accordance with all essential rules and requirements and laws of aerodynamics and the principles of how automatic control systems work," Konashenkov said while demonstrating the drones, one of them made of wood.

"Russian specialists have examined the drones that have been shot down or intercepted to arrive at the conclusion the makeshift devices were assembled in accordance with clear instructions formulated by specialists. Also, they are used in accordance with operating instructions," he said.

Drones’ parameters

Konashenkov said the makeshift drones had a wingspan of up to 3.5 meters and flight range of more than 100 kilometers and were capable of climbing to altitudes of up to 3.5 kilometers. One drone can carry up to 10 makeshift explosive devices. All drones that had tried to approach Hmeymim had been launched in terrorists-held Syria’s northeast (Idlib Province).

"The very instance of providing drones assembly and operating instructions for the terrorists is a crime, because the drones pose a serious threat not so much to military targets as civilian facilities, and not only in Syrian territory," he concluded.

Asked what other weapons the terrorists used in Syria Konashenkov invited the media to the international military-technical forum Army-2018, where they would be able to see a special exposition devoted to the struggle against terrorism in Syria. On display, he promised, there will be a wide range of weapons seized from the terrorists, including drones and improvised bombs.