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RT expects American media to face same restrictions in Russia as RT in US

Simonyan commented on the US Department of Justice’s demand that RT America should register as a foreign agent

THE HAGUE, November 15. /TASS/. Mass media financed by the US government will face the same type of restrictions in Russia that the U.S. Administration has subjected RT channel to, the RT editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan told TASS on Wednesday.

She is visiting the Netherlands to attend the News Exchange international news media conference.

"I’ve already said that you can’t chop wood without making chips fly," she said. "People in Washington can’t make out who’s the boss there Trump or and anti-Trump coalition, and we have fallen victim to that strife."

Simonyan said it with reference to the US Department of Justice’s demand to the RT America to register as a foreign agent.

"And now the American media in Russia will fall victim to what the US government has done to us," she said meaning amendments to legislation making it possible to assign the status of foreign agents to the mass media drawing on funds from abroad.

"The media receiving funds from the US government will be subjected to the same type of limitations in Russia," Simonyan said.

When a reporter asked her if the amendments might furnish the Western media with a yet another pretext for allegations about restrictions on freedom of the press in Russia, she said:

"There’s no need to look back at them."

"They talk about restrictions of free speech, laws or no laws," Simonyan said. "Whatever we do, they’ll keep saying this."