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Israel intends to take firm action for as long as needed — Ambassador to Russia

in order to guarantee the safety of its people, said Simona Halperin

MOSCOW, April 14. TASS/. Israel will continue to take decisive action on all fronts as long as the situation requires it, Israeli Ambassador to Russia Simona Halperin told TASS commenting on the possible Israeli response to the Iranian attack.

"Israel will continue to act decisively on all fronts, as much as the situation requires, in order to guarantee the safety of its people," the diplomat said.

On the evening of April 13, Iran launched drones and missiles towards Israel, calling it a response to "numerous crimes,"including an attack attributed to Israel on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus. Iranian state media said the attacks on Israel targeted military sites. The Israel Defense Forces said later that they intercepted 99% of about 300 Iranian shells flying towards the Jewish state, and minor damage was caused to the Nevatim airbase.