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Ukraine restores electricity production to 75% of demand — power company

Also, another nuclear reactor has started operation

KIEV, November 26. /TASS/. Ukraine’s electricity production now meets 75% of demand, one the country’s largest energy companies, DTEK, said on Saturday.

"Power producers now cover about 75% of consumption needs. Nonetheless, supply is still 25% short, so consumption restrictions remain in place across all of Ukraine," it said on Telegram.

Also, another nuclear reactor has started operation.

As of Friday morning, the shortage of electricity in Ukraine was 30%.

Ukraine issued an air raid warning on Wednesday, which lasted more than two hours. According to the Ukrainian Energy Ministry, the damage to energy infrastructure left most Ukrainian consumers without power. Also, all three Kiev-controlled nuclear power stations were cut off from electricity supply. Outages also affected most thermal and hydro power plants and some electricity grid facilities sustained damage.