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Russian books withdrawn from Odessa libraries as part of de-Russification campaign

Those who disagree with the de-Russification policy were offered to contact the Security Service of Ukraine

MOSCOW, June 26. /TASS/. The de-Russificataion campaign in the Odessa region has also affected local libraries, Ukraine’s Strana online newspaper reported on Saturday.

The newspaper's Telegram channel posted a photo of an advertisement from an Odessa library notifying its readers that it was disposing of its collection of contemporary Russian literature. Meanwhile, those who may have questions in connection with this are invited to refer directly to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). "Do you have any questions? Contact the SBU," reads the announcement.

This week, authorities in the Odessa region decided to cancel Russian language and literature classes at schools of the region. All educational institutions have removed these subjects from the study programs for 2022-2023, while textbooks on these subjects have already been withdrawn.

The de-Russification campaign has affected other regions of Ukraine as well. In one of the moves, Kharkov’s Alexander Pushkin State Academic Russian Drama Theater dropped the words ‘Russian’ and ‘Alexander Pushkin’ from its name.