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Hundreds of people may still remain at Azot plant in LPR – envoy

The militants did not have access to many of the shelters and tried in various ways to pull civilians out of the dungeons, Rodion Miroshnik said

LUGANSK, June 26. /TASS/. Some people who left the Azot plant in Severodonetsk report that hundreds of civilians may still be located there, the LPR ambassador to Russia said on Saturday.

Rodion Miroshnik took to his Telegram channel saying that: "some of those who came out said that hundreds of civilians may still remain in shelters that are not interconnected." "According to them, militants did not have access to many of the shelters and tried to get civilians from under the ground using different methods," the envoy wrote.

He added that the militants mined and booby-trapped many exits from the shelters. "Our mine sweepers are working there," the diplomat noted. According to him, "the evacuation will resume as soon as it’s safe."

Earlier, the LPR’s People’s Militia told TASS that the evacuation from Azot had been temporarily suspended due to the shelling by Ukraine’s armed forces.

On Saturday, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov stated that the entire territory of the Azot enterprise in Severodonetsk had come under control of LPR units. According to LPR People’s Militia officer Andrey Marochko, the republic’s forces together with Russian troops continue to clear the premises of Azot and evacuate civilians.