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Dialogue with Russia to ensure security in Europe — Macron

Emanuel Macron noted that all parties of the tensed situation in Europe should be responsible for their behavior

MOSCOW, February 7. /TASS/. The dialogue with Russia is the chief means of achieving stability and security in Europe, France’s visiting President Emanuel Macron said at the open part of the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Monday.

"We laid the basis for a full-scale and open dialogue in 2019," Macron said. Also, he recalled the talks he had with Putin at Fort de Bregancon and in St. Petersburg. "I believe that such a dialogue today is more relevant than ever. This dialogue is necessary: it is the sole way of ensuring security and stability in Europe."

The French leader pointed to what he described as a critical situation in Europe and stressed that all parties should be responsible for their behavior.

Macron stressed that the meeting with Putin was taking place on the day of the 30th anniversary of the 1992 treaty on bilateral relations.

He said that in this connection, Paris pinned great hopes on bilateral cultural and scientific ties.

"We hope to go ahead with the Trianon Dialogue and enhance interaction on economic issues," Macron added.