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Russian-Chinese relations not aimed against third countries, diplomat says

Chinese President Xi Jinping is planning to visit Moscow

BEIJING, May 30. /TASS/. Russian-Chinese relations are not aimed against other countries, but they are ready to withstand any challenges posed by them, Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Zhang Hanhui told reporters at a special briefing on Thursday.

"Our bilateral relations are not aimed against any third countries, but they will weather any attempts by third countries to harm them," the senior diplomat said.

"In the international environment, there are changes which had not been observed in the previous century. Unilateralism and the practice of oppression are strengthening, representing a serious challenge to basic norms of the global governance system. Conflicts break out in different parts of the world, and the humankind faces many challenges and threats. Despite these negative trends, the relations of China and Russia continue their healthy development and are becoming mature, stable and energetic," he said.

China and Russia have been actively cooperating on the international arena, the diplomat noted. "The two countries strongly support the UN-led international system to maintain the world order based on international law for the sake of global peace, stability and justice. Our countries adamantly advocate multilateralism and an open global economy. All this serves as a stabilizing force on the rapidly changing international landscape," he stressed.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is planning to visit Moscow and then he will travel to St. Petersburg to attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the deputy foreign minister said, expressing confidence that the visit would be successful. "It will usher in a new era in Russian-Chinese relations and give a stronger impetus for their development and also for global peace and stability."

The relations between the two countries’ leaders are one of important factors of developing bilateral cooperation, Zhang Hanhui said. Since 2013, Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin have met a total of 28 times during various bilateral and multilateral events. "They have established both business and personal friendly relations," he noted. During the visit, the two heads of state will take part in a range of festive events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties between the two countries.