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Kremlin urges not to exaggerate impact of US-China trade war on Russia

The Russian economy is demonstrating quite sustainable development, according to the Kremlin spokesman

SOCHI, May 14. /TASS/. The US-China trade dispute will affect everyone, though one should not exaggerate its negative impact on the Russian economy, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday.

"The trade war between the United States and China cannot but have consequences for the global economic climate. Obviously, those consequences are rather negative than positive. That said, one should not exaggerate those consequences for (Russia) as the (Russian) economy is demonstrating quite sustainable development from the viewpoint of basic parameters now," he said when asked about possible risks for Moscow due to the trade dispute between Washington and Beijing.

Peskov noted that the measures to stabilize economy and hedge trade and economic turbulence risks being assumed are noticeable: "The stabilizing effect of the government’s measures is evident."

"That is why the impact is obviously inevitable, though one should not exaggerate it regarding (Russia)," he added.

The Kremlin spokesman also emphasized Russia’s ambitious goals to expand cooperation with China and the positive dynamics in the field. Meanwhile, he added: "As for the US, things are worse here, though President (of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin - TASS) has repeatedly said that Russia is keen to develop trade and economic cooperation with the US."

"Washington and Beijing can wage those trade wars, though that is not our war. Russia is interested in building independent relations both with China and with the US," he concluded.