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Five missiles launched against Israel from Gaza Strip - military

Five launches of missiles were registered аfter the warning sirens sounded in Eshkol

TEL AVIV, March 31. /TASS/. The Israeli military reported launches of five missiles on Sunday from the Gaza Strip in the direction of Israel after air defense warning sirens sounded in the Eshkol Regional Council.

"After the warning sirens sounded in Eshkol five launches of missiles were registered in the direction of Israel from the Gaza Strip," the Israeli military said in a statement.

There were no immediate reports on possible casualties or inflicted damages as a result of this incident.

AFP news agency reported that following the news on the missiles attack the Israeli military launched fire using tanks against Hamas-controlled strongholds on the territory of the Gaza Strip.

Four Palestinians were killed and 316 injured on Saturday as a result of clashes with Israeli military forces in the Gaza Strip near the border with Israel.

On March 25, a missile fired from the Gaza Strip hit a residential building in the community of Meshmeret, in central Israel north of Tel Aviv. Seven Israelis were injured in the attack, including children. On the same day, the Israeli army retaliated with strikes on positions of Hamas controlling the sector.

Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vladimir Safronkov stated at a session of the UN Security Council on the Palestinian-Israeli settlement on Tuesday, that Moscow "strongly opposes missile launches from Gaza into Israeli settlements.".