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Israeli PM voices regret to Putin over Russian military’s death in air incident

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin held phone talks on September 18

TEL AVIV, September 18. /TASS/. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone on Tuesday, voiced regret over the death of Russian military during the crash of the Ilyushin-20 reconnaissance plane of the Russian Aerospace Force late night on Monday.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke on the phone to President Putin some time ago," a source at the Office of the Prime Minister said. "He voiced regret over the death of Russian soldiers and said Syria was bearing responsibility for the crash of the aircraft."

Netanyahu mentioned the importance of coordination in the field of security with Russia, the Office of the Prime Minister said in a communique.

"Netanyahu pointed out the importance of permanent coordination between Israel and Russia in the field of security that has made it possible to prevent losses on both sides over the past three years," it said.

The communique stressed the Israeli government’s resolve to continue preventing Iran’s military entrenchment in Syria, as Teheran called for the destruction of Israel, and to impede the supplies of advanced types of armaments to Hezbollah Shiite movement in Lebanon.