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EBU supports decision to fine Kiev for poor organization of 2017 Eurovision

The 2017 Eurovision international song contest was held in Kiev on May 9-13

GENEVA, February 2. /TASS/. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has supported the decision earlier taken by the Reference Group to fine Kiev for the poor quality of organization of Eurovision in 2017, the EBU headquarters in Geneva told TASS on Friday.

"The organization of the Eurovision song contest was accompanied with delays which created unnecessary difficulties in preparations for this event," an EBU official said. "In addition to that, the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (NPBCU), that hosted the contest, failed to adequately fulfil its obligations concerning cooperation with the EBU on the Russian singer’s participation."

He explained that the EBU Executive Board took into account the previous recommendation of Eurovision’s managing body - the Reference Group - "and agreed that the NPBCU has to be fined." "The administration is currently informing the NPBCU on the amount of the fine," the EBU official added.

The Reference Group reported in June last year its decision to impose a fine on Kiev. The NPBCU then stated that it considers this decision groundless and appealed against it in the EPU supervisory board.

The amount of the penalty was not disclosed officially. NPBCU head Zurab Alasaniya reported that it may be up to 200,000 euros, which would be "unsustainable load" for the NPBCU.

2017 Eurovision

The 2017 Eurovision international song contest was held in Kiev on May 9-13, with 42 countries participating. Russian singer Yulia Samoilova did not participate in it, because the Ukrainian Security Service banned her from entering the country for three years due to a concert in Crimea in 2015. Russia’s Channel One decided not to broadcast the contest in return. The EBU stated that after the contest it will study the possibility of introducing sanctions against Ukraine due to the situation with the Russian contender. Portugal’s Salvador Sobral won the song contest.