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Most Russians confident Moscow should act resolutely in relations with US

Only 7% said Moscow should sever all the ties with Washington

WASHINGTON, November 11. /TASS/. Most Russians are confident that Moscow should act resolutely in relations with Washington, suggest the results of a poll that Gallup published on Friday.

For instance, 52% of those polled said resolute steps in relations with the U.S. were necessary. Another 29% stressed the importance of good relations with the U.S. and only 7% said Moscow should sever all the ties with Washington.

People’s opinions depended to a big degree on the age group and education of the respondents. For instance, 38% Russians in the group of 60 years old plus voiced the confidence improvement of relations with the U.S. played an important role.

Along with it, support for resolute actions was much higher among educated respondents and reached 60% in the group of holders of university diplomas and degrees.

The researchers said most Russians did not expect either a worsening of improvement of Russian-U.S. relations and only 16% believe the condition of this relationship will deteriorate during President Donald Trump’s term of office.

A quarter of Russians believe the relations will improve. Another 29% said they would remain unchanged and some 30% said they did not know an answer to this question.

Gallup said almost a half of Russians had failed to form an opinion about Trump after almost a year of his stay in office. They admitted not having enough information on the U.S. leader so that they could assess his performance.

On the face of it, 30% respondents did not approve of Trump’s actions and 22% supported what he was doing.

The poll held between June 9 through to August 20 embraced 2,000 Russians.