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Zaporozhye will take long time to liberate — acting governor

At the moment, more than 70% of the Zaporozhye Region has been liberated

SIMFEROPOL, January 16. /TASS/. It will be impossible to take control of the whole of Zaporozhye quickly. Demining will have to be carried out on a vast area and Kiev and Western propaganda cliches, deeply ingrained in the minds of the population, eradicated, the acting governor of the Zaporozhye Region, Yevgeny Balitsky, said in an interview on the Krym-24 TV channel on Monday.

"There is no way of taking Zaporozhye quickly. Sweeping measures will have to be used. In the work for safe streets, we will have to clear vast areas of mines. We also see the methods the US and the European coalitions have been employing to brainwash the people, who take up arms or who are simply mobilized. They have no understanding of either history or culture," he pointed out.

Balitsky forecasts it will be possible to begin the liberation of the Zaporozhye Region to the full extent in the spring.

"I don't think this can happen earlier," he said.

At the moment, more than 70% of the Zaporozhye Region has been liberated. The administrative center of the region, the city of Zaporozhye, remains under the control of Kiev’s forces. Its function of the regional center is temporarily performed by Melitopol.