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Moscow's newly Michelin star awarded restaurant Twins Garden site crashes

Earlier, it was announced that Moscow's restaurant Twins Garden become one of the two restaurants that received 2 Michelin stars

MOSCOW, October 15. / TASS /. The website of the Moscow restaurant Twins Garden, which received 2 Michelin stars the day before, crashed after 380,000 visitors visited it after the ceremony, restaurant chef and owner Sergey Berezutsky told TASS on Friday.

"After the Michelin ceremony, there were more than 380,000 hits on the site. The site went down, of course. Now we are restoring it," Berezutsky said. On Thursday, his brother and partner in Twins Garden Chef Ivan Berezutsky thanked everyone who supported them along the way. "I would like to thank the team, thank the people who support us. This is our shared victory," Ivan Berezutsky said when receiving the award. "It is a great joy for us, we are very happy. Thank you for coming to Russia and believing in us. This is a big event for the entire market. Moscow is one of the gastronomic capitals of the world," he added.

Moscow became the first city in the CIS space to receive Michelin stars, and Russia became the 33rd country to receive the most prestigious gastronomic guide for its cities.

Two stars were also awarded to another metropolitan restaurant of restaurateur Arkady Novikov, Artest-Chef's Table and seven more received one Michelin star. Not a single restaurant received three stars, which is considered the highest rating, in fact it is said that a city is worth visiting just for the sake of going to a three-star Michelin restaurant. Two stars however, is considered worth deviating from the route, while one star guarantees a cuisine with high-quality dishes.

The Michelin Gastronomy Guide has been published since 1900 and is one of the most respected in the world. To compile it, experts anonymously visit restaurants and cafes and draw up a detailed report on each of them, after which a rating is compiled based on those reports at the head office in Paris. The rating criteria are kept secret, but the most important of them is known to be the quality of the cuisine.