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Russian distributor cuts out certain scenes from Elton John’s biopic ‘Rocketman’

The movie will be released in Russia on June 6

MOSCOW, May 31. /TASS/. British singer and songwriter Elton John’s biographical film ‘Rocketman’ has been edited to comply with Russian legislation prior to its Russian release, a spokesperson for the Central Partnership company, the movie’s distributor, told TASS on Friday.

"Indeed, the movie has been modified to make it comply with Russian law," she said.

The spokesperson added that the picture would be released in Russia on June 6.

The country’s Culture Ministry, in turn, provided a statement saying: "The Russian Culture Ministry issued no recommendations concerning the removal of any scenes from the said movie, the decision was made solely by the distributor," it reads.

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not comment on the topic.

Rocketman, written by Lee Hall and directed by Dexter Fletcher, covers Elton John’s musical career and depicts how then Reginald Dwight [Elton John - TASS], who was studying at the Royal Academy of Music, took the world's music scene by storm. The movie stars Taron Egerton as the legendary musician.