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Court denies parole to convict imprisoned for plotting assassination of Putin

A Samara Region court has rejected a parole bid by Kazakh citizen Ilya Pyanzin, who in 2013 was convicted of conspiring to assassinate Vladimir Putin

SAMARA, November 13. /TASS/.  A court in the Samara Region has refused to release Kazakh citizen Ilya Pyanzin on parole, who was convicted in 2013 of plotting an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin, the regional prosecutor’s office told TASS on Tuesday.

"The court reviewed Pyanzin’s request and turned it down. The judge agreed with the prosecutor, who objected to the convict’s release, because he had repeatedly violated prison rules," the source said. The court’s decision has not taken effect yet. Pyanzin has ten days to file an appeal.

The Moscow City Court on September 10, 2013 sentenced Pyanzin to ten years in a maximum-security prison for plotting an assassination attempt against Putin. Pyanzin admitted his guilt and copped a plea deal. In exchange, he was sentenced to a prison for no longer than two-thirds of the maximum term.

Investigators found that Pyanzin, while staying in Ukraine in December 2011, accepted a proposal from Adam Osmayev and Ruslan Madayev to join an armed group created on orders from the warlord of the illegal armed gang Imarat Kavkaz Doku Umarov. The group planned to detonate a car bomb along the presidential motorcade’s route.

For some time, the plotters had tested explosive devices in Odessa. On January 4, 2012, as they were in the process of cobbling togehter another makeshift explosive device, a fire erupted killing Madayev. The Ukrainian authorities detained Pyanzin and Osmayev. At the request of the Russian Prosecutor-General’s Office Pyanzin was eventually extradited to Russia.