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Siberian scientists make healthy candies for Arctic residents

The sweets have proven to boost metabolism and memory

TYUMEN, November 6. /TASS/. Scientists of the Tyumen Industrial University made candies, which improve metabolism and memory. Special healthy products are valuable for people, living in Arctic regions, the University’s press service said.

"For making new functional food the University’s scientists use only natural raw materials grown in the Tyumen region - wild plants, berries, honey, nuts, vegetables, dairy products," the press service said. "They develop food complexes, and then on their basis, using a given chemical composition and physiological direction, they make new food products."

"The scientists have made unique candies, which activate brain metabolism and improve memory, natural dessert sauces and beverages, which are used not only to prevent but also to treat certain diseases," the press service added.

The university’s clinical tests were over in 2015, and now specialists face the task to produce the food and beverages based on world-class health-saving technologies. "People living in Siberia and the Arctic should be able to use not only high-quality products, but also to have food for prevention of typical diseases. <...> The region has all the opportunities to make unique substances from plants and to use them to develop a new line of food products," the University’s Professor Vladimir Popov said.

The University has agreements to develop new technologies with other educational and scientific institutions and with a food producer.

"Production of food, including for people who live in areas with poor nature, complex natural and climate conditions, is high-tech," the press service quoted the University’s Acting Head Veronika Yefremova as saying.

The Tyumen Industrial University was formed in 2015 as a merger of the region’s two biggest technical universities. TASS wrote earlier that University’s specialists jointly with partners planned to begin making food products with natural nutritional supplements.