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Russian military medics vaccinate Syrian refugees to prevent epidemics

Civilians are being treated with typhoid and Hepatitis A vaccines

DAMASCUS, July 6. /TASS/. Russian military medics are treating residents in the community of Umm-al-Tiur in Syria’s Hama Governorate who are returning to their homes after the end of hostilities.

"The people in the specified community may be endemic to typhoid and viral hepatitis A. Civilians are being treated with typhoid and Hepatitis A vaccines. Initially, we worked with the administration and the mayor. They conducted an outreach campaign, people addressed when needed and the vaccination was carried out," Russian military medic Vyacheslav Bolshakov told reporters.

The militants failed to reach central Umm-al-Tiur during military operations, but carried out regular attacks on the community, badly damaging the electric and water supply systems. The local authorities are restoring the infrastructure with support from Russian specialists, who are gathering samples for analysis in order to evaluate the serviceability of the water system and delousing the city yards and streets. The Russian military medics and local authorities are carrying out outreach activities and establishing vaccinating centers to avoid epidemics.

As many as 27 communities in the southern de-escalation zone in the Quneitra, As-Suwayda and Daraa Governorates have willfully joined the ceasefire and sided with the Syrian government over the past week due to negotiations conducted by the Russian Reconciliation Center for the Opposing Sides.