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GLOSFER Launches Hycon, its In-House Developed Cryptocurrency

SEOUL, South Korea, June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- GLOSFER, a first-generation blockchain company in South Korea, successfully launched the main network of Hycon blockchain, marking the true beginning of the Infinity Project.

The Main Network launch signifies that the users can now set up a digital wallet ( and begin mining.

HYCON's code has been publicly released on GitHub as scheduled. The code has been thoroughly examined and implemented by the GLOSFER in-house development team, as well as externally reviewed and audited by third-party security specialists Entersoft Australia.

Jane Hong, Director of Marketing for HYCON, said: "This is a great moment for the team, everyone including the blockchain engineers, the marketing and business development team, and the various parts of the company which encompasses the Infinity Project," adding that "we'd like to thank you wholeheartedly for your support."

"The release of the HYCON blockchain marks the start of the real hard work. We look forward to impressing the world with our future development plans," said GLOSFER CEO, Taewon Kim.

About GLOSFER: GLOSFER is a leading blockchain technology and services company in South Korea. Building on its roots as a first-generation blockchain company, GLOSFER strives to expand its activities into various industries to bolster its reach in both domestic and international markets, by leveraging innovative technologies and services, including its PHP API blockchain platform PACKUTH and its online and offline cryptocurrency trading platforms. With its upcoming Infinity Project, powered by its HYCON coin, the company seeks to establish and facilitate its cryptocurrency ecosystem while contributing to a more transparent and fair society based on blockchain technology through cooperation with public institutions.