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Russian senator warns US defense bill will have devastating consequences

The bill may kill the possibility to improve Russian-US relations, Konstantin Kosachev said

MOSCOW, November 17. /TASS/. The implementation of the US defense policy bill, which particularly stipulates deterring "Russian aggression," may kill the possibility to improve Russian-US relations, Chairman of the Russian Federation Council (upper house of parliament) Committee for Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachev said on Friday.

"This means not only new military expenditures, but is also a claim for new long-term strategies, which, if implemented, may kill the possibility to improve Russian-US relations," Kosachev wrote on Facebook.

As an example, he mentioned the bill’s provisions demanding that the US secretary of defense together with the secretary of state develop and implement an overwhelming strategy to counter Russian threat and Russia’s influence.

"What can be said here? Blinded by hatred against Russia, members of the US Congress have been setting in stone their twisted view of the modern world and their county’s place in it, which will have devastating consequences both for their county and the world," Kosachev said.

On Thursday, the US Senate passed a $700 bln defense policy bill, sending it to the country’s president for signing.