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Putin does not rule out amendments to law on mass rallies

The Russian president has taken part in the presidential council meeting on the development of civil society and human rights

MOSCOW, October 30. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday he doesn’t rule out that the laws on mass public gatherings could be amended.

"Freedoms must be guaranteed. We should analyze the current practices. It should always be done to make corresponding amendments," he said at a meeting of the presidential council on the development of civil society and human rights, adding he means "the practices of law enforcement agencies and the judicial system."

"Regrettably, certain groups of protesters or organizers of such rallies often aggravate the situation deliberately to attract attention," he noted. "We all understand that today it is sufficient to grab information space in the internet and the mass media to proclaim one’s position, to criticize the authorities, from municipal to the federal."

"I can imagine that the authorities seek to squeeze such rallies to the most remote areas, sparing no effort not to let them take place in the centers of cities, especially big ones," he admitted. "It is not right either to hamper normal live in megacities, to stop traffic, causing aggression of acting aggressively."

"It is necessary to work with both sides of this process in the most careful way," the president stressed. "Let us think it over and do something that would be beneficial for our civil society and to the entire country and its all people in the long run."