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Venezuela’s October 15 elections help outline way out of crisis — Russian foreign ministry

Russia calls on political forces in Venezuela to refrain from violence and provocative actions

MOSCOW, October 17. /TASS/. Venezuela’s gubernatorial elections on October 15 have made it possible to outline a compromise scenario of how to get out of the political crisis, the Russian foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

"We believe that the recent elections, the importance of which was stressed by Venezuelan and foreign politicians, including those in opposition of President Nicolas Maduro’s government, are geared to be a new step towards consolidation of society," the ministry said. "It must be done to resolve the pressing economic and social problems facing the country."

The ministry noted that voting was generally held in a calm atmosphere, with the voter turnout reaching 61.4% "The population demonstrated its commitment to civilized, first of all electoral, formats of settling political differences," the ministry noted. "On this background, the opposition’s refusal to recognize the results of the voting and calls for more street protests and tougher international sanctions are fraught with negative consequences. It may frustrate the emerging compromise scenario and trigger another spiral of violence and confrontation."

"We call on Venezuela’s political forces to refrain from violence and provocative actions," the ministry stressed. "It is necessary to continue constructive dialogue on the basis of democratic norms and constitutional law."

The Russian foreign ministry spoke in favor of robust support to the initiative of talks between the government and the opposition and called "to stop attempts at destructive interference from outside." "The counter-productiveness of force and sanction pressure on Venezuela is obvious," the ministry underscored.

The gubernatorial elections in Venezuela ended in the sweeping victory of candidates from the pro-government United Socialist Party, who won top positions in 17 states. The voting results were announced by 22 out of 23 Venezuelan states.