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Diplomat says US sanctions may destroy prospects for better relations with Russia

Russian deputy foreign minister says retaliation over the US sanctions may follow

MOSCOW, July 26. /TASS/. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov considers Washington’s move a step in the wrong direction, which can destroy prospects for improving relations with Russia, he told TASS, commenting on the vote in the US House of Representatives on a new bill that tightens unilateral sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea.

"What is happening is beyond common sense," Ryabkov stated. "The authors and sponsors of this bill are seriously heading towards destroying any prospects for normalizing relations with Russia and are not concealing that that’s their target."
"The reverse side of this coin is the drive to restrict all possibilities whatsoever for the US executive branch to bolster relations with Russia and other countries that are ‘targets’ of this bill," Ryabkov added.

The Russian deputy foreign minister called the outcome of the vote foreseen and expressed his opinion that the sanctions bill would soon be approved by the US Senate. 
"Yesterday’s vote in the House of Representatives [of the US Congress] on the draft law notoriously dubbed ‘Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act’ has brought the result we’ve been expecting: the bill has been adopted by a majority of votes and will now be reviewed by the US legislature’s upper house - the Senate," he noted. "I believe that the bill will pass the necessary approval procedure quickly enough and will soon be presented to the US president."

The US House of Representatives approved a bill that tightens unilateral US sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea on Tuesday. This document is to be reviewed by the Senate, and the US legislature’s upper house is expected to adopt this bill that is widely supported both by the Democrats and the reigning Republicans. Then the document, dubbed "Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act" will be presented to US President Donald Trump. The White House has indicated recently that Trump was ready to sign the bill.

Russia-US dialogue

Moscow, however, "does not give in to emotions" and continues to look for ways for constructive dialogue with the US:  "We do not give in to emotions," the Russian diplomat noted.

"We will be working to find ways to move forward and persistently and continuously search for a compromise on issues that are important to Russia and, I think, to the US as well, such as the fight against terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. There are a lot of issues, and we are ready to cooperate."

Washington as a source of danger 

Moscow sees Washington as a source of danger and acts accordingly, Ryabkov stressed. 

"Washington is a source of danger," Ryabkov said. "This should be understood and actions should be taken in a balanced, reasonable, cautious and calm way, without any emotions. We will be ready for such actions."

Ryabkov noted that Moscow is still maintaining its intention for a dialogue with Washington on many issues that are important for both countries. However, there are less possibilities for cooperation due to US policy. "We will be searching for ways for a constructive dialogue and cooperation in a persistent and continuous way," he affirmed. "It is clear that the displays of such negative attitude towards Russia and attempts to administer some actions against us based on absolutely far-fetched and conjured-up pretexts, as well as the continuation of this policy, all narrow down the possibilities for productive work," Ryabkov specified.

"This is a conscious choice of Russia’s enemies in the US," the diplomat affirmed. "There are many of them, they have gone beyond all boundaries and know no restraint in their zeal, they are out of control."

"So, we will continue seeing today’s America in this way," the Russian senior diplomat added.