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Kremlin says strident rhetoric of Russia's deputy UN ambassador was reasonable

"Nothing insulting was said," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov marked
Russia's deputy UN ambassador Vladimir Safronkov  AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
Russia's deputy UN ambassador Vladimir Safronkov
© AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

MOSCOW, April 13./TASS/. Strident rhetoric is well-grounded when it is necessary to defend the country’s interests, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday in comments on a Wednesday speech by Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Vladimir Safronkov.

"We believe - yes," Peskov in reply to the question whether the acuteness of the Syrian issue discussed at the UN Security Council could excuse the tonality of his speech. "Nothing insulting was said," Peskov marked. He said the issues under discussion at the UN Security Council are really very acute, "often concerning the essence and the future of international relations’.

"Demonstrating feebleness is in the future fraught with bad consequences, and that is why it is better to defend the interests of our Fatherland exactly today, and if it comes to this - rather toughly," he said.

On Wednesday, Safronkov lashed at British Permanent Representative to the United Nations Matthew Rycroft who had said that Russia "had chosen the wrong side of history" by supporting Bashar al-Assad, whom he called "a murderous, barbaric criminal." He also said that supporting the Assad regime would result in "shame" and "humiliation" for Russia.

"Mr. Rycroft, today you departed from the agenda to insult Syria, Iran, Turkey and other states. Rules should be observed, it is unacceptable when representatives of the UN Security Council members show such irresponsibility and use dirty language. Don’t you dare insult Russia ever again!" Safronkov demanded.

He also told his British counterpart not to turn his eyes away when he was talked to.