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Putin notes sharp growth in number of NATO drills in Baltic, Black Sea areas

The president stressed that Russia's military activity is carried out in its own territory whereas NATO activity near Russia's borders was "regarded as something normal"
NATO military exercise in Ustka, northern Poland EPA/ADAM WARZAWA
NATO military exercise in Ustka, northern Poland

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. NATO’s actions are aimed at undermining parity, but Russia will not yield to warmongering, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a conference of ambassadors and permanent representatives on Thursday.

"NATO’s anti-Russian thrust is being deliberately emphasized these days. In Russia’s behavior the alliance looks for a confirmation of legitimacy and feasibility of its existence, but at the same time it takes real confrontational steps towards us," he said.

Putin recalled the sharp growth in the number of military exercises, including those in the Black and Baltic seas.

"We are being accused of carrying out some military activity. Where? In our own territory," Putin said. "In the meantime the ongoing events near our borders are regarded as something normal."

"All this is aimed at undermining military parity that took decades to establish," Putin said.