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Huge number of people awaiting liberation from Kiev — Zaporozhye governor

Yevgeny Balitsky believes that, "the Zaporozhye Region today is a showcase of Russia in a good sense"

MOSCOW, March 29. /TASS/. Residents of Kiev-controlled territories are waiting for their liberation by Russian troops, Zaporozhye Region Governor Yevgeny Balitsky told TASS in an interview.

"Today, most families that live under the temporary occupation by the Kiev regime and those families that live in liberated territory have kinship ties. A lot of people are awaiting reunification. And, of course, communication is very high. We have a lot of contacts with Zaporozhye, with Dnepropetrovsk, with those territories that have not yet been liberated, and we know the situation. I can confidently say that a huge number of people are waiting for us there. We tell everyone: save your life, save your freedom and do everything to keep your children out of the army, out of this meat grinder that the Kiev fascists have organized," Balitsky said.

He believes that, "the Zaporozhye Region today is a showcase of Russia in a good sense." "A showcase not only for Ukrainians who still live in Kiev-controlled territories, but also for the entire world. I have the experience of living in Ukraine, and I know how it was there and how it is today in Russia. And many people who have encountered the social programs that work in Russia today, having felt that Russia is a social-oriented country, have very much changed their point of view. If yesterday someone was hissing, today people understand that benefits do work, that motherhood and childhood are protected, that veterans and the elderly receive a lot of money."

"The maternity capital that all families receive. People change their point of view when they face reality. Roads, railroads, social payments, new buses. Everything that people see today, they pass on there (to Ukraine - TASS). For the West, for the Kiev regime, this is a knife to the heart. They realize that this is our main victory," Balitsky added.