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Meta quells dissent upon US government’s instructions — Russian embassy

The diplomatic mission noted that the corporation considered materials with words of support for the RF Armed Forces and a demonstration of the counterproductiveness of anti-Russian sanctions as disinformation

WASHINGTON, September 28. /TASS/. Through its claims of disinformation on the part of Russia, US corporation Meta (deemed extremist and outlawed in Russia) is attempting to get rid of unfavorable views, acting upon instructions from the US government, the Russian embassy in the US said on Wednesday.

"We paid attention to the statement of Meta Corporation about the suppression of Russia's ‘disinformation campaign’ on the Internet. Some publications criticizing the actions of the Kiev regime are designated as ‘malicious content’ allegedly distributed by our country (including Russian diplomats). As well as materials with words of support for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and a demonstration of the counterproductivity of anti-Russian sanctions," the embassy said in its official Telegram channel.

"The company's leadership, apparently following the instructions of the US authorities, decided to simply get rid of unfavourable views. Anyone who supports Russia is automatically enrolled in the ‘agents of the Kremlin,’" the statement continues.

"This suggests that American tech giants, who own the most popular Internet resources, have become servants of the US administration's policy of suppressing dissent. What is this but a violation of the fundamental principle of a democratic state - freedom of speech? It turns out that the values that Washington boasts about are just fiction," Russian diplomats added.