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West seeking to use UN in its interests — Russian senior security official

It was emphasized that such an approach runs counter to the UN goals, principles, and practices

MOSCOW, September 6. /TASS/. Western countries are seeking to use the United Nations to satisfy their ambitions and promote only those resolutions that are in their interests, Yury Kokov, deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council, said in an interview with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily, which came out on Tuesday.

He stressed that the United Nations’ role in consolidating efforts to counter global challenges and threats is now as important as never before.

"Regrettably, the organization’s institutions have to work under constant pressure from leading Western states, who are seeking to use this platform for satisfying their political and economic ambitions, promote resolutions in their interests, voice ungrounded accusations against countries that don’t share their position," he said.

He emphasized that such an approach runs counter to the UN goals, principles and practices. "If we ignore these negative tendencies, the United Nations is running the risk of turning into a venue for petty squabbling, where the one who is stronger and shouts louder is right," Kokov warned.

According to the senior Russia security official, Russia and its allies are sparing no efforts to prevent such developments and preserve the United Nations as a major tool to maintain stability and balance in international relations, to ensure fair and safe world.

"That is why, despite the existing problems and serious differences, I think, and life proves that reason will get the upper hand over ambitions and human values will overweigh the lust for power and money. I am sure that through consolidated efforts we will be able to find points of contact and make the world safer and better. There is no other way to save life on our planet," he said, adding that the practice of anti-terrorist struggle has demonstrated that uncoordinated and unagreed measures don’t work and pandering to terrorists only encourages them.