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Moldova’s new cabinet sets course for mending strategic relations with Russia — president

On Wednesday, Moldovan premier visited Moscow, for the first time in the past seven years

CHISINAU, November 20. /TASS/. Moldova’s newly formed government led by Prime Minister Ion Chicu has managed to contribute more to restoration of a strategic partnership with Russia over a week than their predecessors could achieve over years, Moldovan President Igor Dodon said in a televised interview with Moldova’1 channel on Wednesday commenting on the talks held by Chicu in Moscow.

"Chicu's government has been working less than a week. Today, the prime minister visited Moscow, for the first time in the past seven years, and he has reached four important agreements," Dodon said.

According to the Moldovan president, among them are agreements on loans for infrastructure and road construction in Moldova along with a gas discount from 2020. Besides, a list of duty-free goods exported to Russia was extended, dozens of thousands of permits have been issued to transporters, so that they can deliver Moldovan goods to Russia.

In April 2017, Moldova’s former government headed by Pavel Filip issued a resolution banning state officials from visiting Russia. The next prime minister, Maia Sandu, criticized that but, however, failed to visit Moscow even having announced her visit to Russia in June. Last week, her cabinet was dismissed and a new government led by the presidential nominee, Chicu, was formed.

"Russia has always respected Moldova, expecting reciprocity. These agreements have stemmed from that attitude. The work has started and it will be carried out relentlessly to restore the strategic partnership between our countries," Dodon said.