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US cannot be called partner for Russia, says deputy foreign minister

"At a certain point it coined the term ‘strategic tolerance," Sergei Ryabkov said

MOSCOW, February 20. /TASS/. The United States cannot be called Russia’s partner, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told International Affairs magazine in an interview.

"To begin with, the Americans are not partners for us," he said. "At a certain point it coined the term ‘strategic tolerance’, which looks quite appropriate for describing a policy that in my opinion should be conducted in relations with Washington in the foreseeable future."

"As far as irony is concerned, it is necessary sometimes, but everything should be proportionate," Ryabkov said in response to an article by Russian Council for International Affairs expert Sergei Karaganov, who called for treating the United States with ‘ironic estrangement.’ Fundamental issues should not be turned into an occasion for jokes. Serious things are to be discussed seriously, although a pinch of pepper sometimes comes in handy."

The term ‘strategic tolerance’ implies taking a pause in relations with the other country to wait for moments that can be used for gaining advantages or starting a constructive dialogue.