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Russian ambassador calls for support of UN’s peace resolution on Yemen

The UN envoy for Yemen is planning to create a road map for a future agreement on comprehensive regulation

MOSCOW, November 17. /TASS/. Russia’s Ambassador to Yemen Vladimir Dedushkin called the international community and the sides of the conflict in Yemen to support the resolution drafted by UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths, Dedushkin told TASS on Saturday.

"For the first time in three years since the conflict in Yemen started, a specific document has been presented, which must be supported by all sides of the conflict and by the international community represented by the UN Security Council," the diplomat stressed. "The document must be mandatory, this is of fundamental importance. Besides, this will be a difficult compromise, during which the sides have to make significant concessions," he added.

The UN envoy for Yemen is planning to create a road map for a future agreement on comprehensive regulation. "We are talking about basic security parameters and political steps that ultimately would put an end to the conflict and restore Yemen’s statehood. Naturally, the document outlines the task of creating the corresponding political and military mechanisms to realize these objectives, as well as necessary guarantees," the ambassador noted.

Dedushkin added that achieving that would not be easy in current conditions. "We have a lot of hard work ahead of us. However, there is hope for success. It is determined by the willingness of all sides - the Yemeni government, the Houthis, the Arabic coalition and the international sponsors of political process - to lead the Yemeni people to long-awaited peace," the Russian diplomat said.

"However, first, we all have to meet in Stockholm," he concluded.

Since August 2014, Yemen has been devastated by a war between the country’s world-recognized authorities and the Houthi rebel units. However, the conflict entered an active phase when the Saudi-led coalition invaded the country at the request of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi in March 2015.