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Putin, Trump may discuss drone attacks on Russian air base in Syria — Kremlin

The Kremlin is concerned over reports that drones that attacked Russia’s Hmeymim airbase in Syria were operated from a US plane

MOSCOW, October 25. /TASS/. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has described as "very alarming" the evidence the drones that attacked Russia’s Aerospace Force in Syria last January were operated from a US plane. Peskov did not rule out that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump might discuss this issue.

"This evidence is very alarming. It goes without saying nobody should have any doubts that our military specialists will carry out proper analysis and make the required conclusions," Peskov told the media.

Asked about the political implications of that incident and the possibility it might be discussed by Putin and Trump, Peskov said "this should not be ruled out."