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Electricity supplies resumed in full in Crimea’s flood-hit Kerch and Yalta

One person was killed and 54 were injured as a result of the flood

YALTA, June 24. /TASS/. Electricity supplies have been completely resumed in Crimea’s rain-and flood-hit Yalta and Kerch, Crimea’s Prime Minister Yuri Gotsanyuk said on Wednesday.

"Whereas minor temporary power outages were reported yesterday, by now, electricity supplies in the cities of Kerch and Yalta have been resumed in full," he said.

A cyclone over Crimea has triggered torrential rains accompanied by strong winds. A state of emergency was declared in the region. Yalta was the hardest hit area on the south coast of the peninsula. According to city Mayor Yanina Pavlenko, the city is facing the most serious situation since 1922, when over 190mm of rain fell during a day.

One person was killed and 54 were injured as a result of the flood. The search continues for a missing woman.

Hundreds of houses have been damaged in the republic. Thirteen hotels were partially flooded in Yalta, and tourists had to be evacuated from two of them. The beach infrastructure has been damaged. At the moment, post-disaster recovery efforts are under way in many areas. The authorities are assessing damages and have begun payment of compensatory relief to those affected by the disaster.