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FSB arrests suspect involved in 2010 Moscow subway terror blasts

The detained suspect is a member of the Vagabov crime gang

MOSCOW, March 28. /TASS/. The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has detained a member of a criminal gang that was involved in organizing the terror attacks on the Moscow Subway's Lubyanka and Park Kultury stations in 2010, the FSB Center for Public Relations told TASS on Thursday.

"The Federal Security Service has detained a member of the Vagabov crime gang, in order to enforce the rule of the inescapability of punishment in cooperation with the Russian Investigative Committee in the Khasavyurtovsky district of the Russian Republic of Dagestan," the FSB reported. "The identified crime gang was involved in organizing the explosions carried out by female suicide bombers on March 29, 2010, in Moscow at the Lubyanka and Park Kultury subway stations." The FSB reiterated that the gang’s ringleader was eliminated in 2010.

The detained suspect was taken to Moscow for further questioning.

On March 9, 2010, female suicide bombers carried out terror attacks at the Lubyanka and Park Kultury metro stations in Moscow, killing 39 people and injuring 128 others. A subsequent criminal investigation identified the masterminds behind the blasts and the actual foot soldiers who carried them out: Vagabov, Aliyev, Magomednabiyev, Shchashchayev, Magomedov, Rabadanov and Isagadzhiyev. All of these perpetrators were liquidated in an armed struggle with police officers.

The Investigative Committee reported earlier that in February 2010 Vabagov set up and headed the Novokosteksky Jamaat gang for committing terrorist attacks on Russian soil. It included Gadzhi Aliyev, Akhmed Rabadanov, Ali Isagadzhiyev, Shamil Magomednabiyev, Murad Shchashchayev, Maryam Sharipova and Dzhanet Abdullayeva. These two women became suicide bombers.

In February 2013, during a special operation in Dagestan the last of the suspected organizers of the Moscow subway terror attacks - Gusen Magomedov - was eliminated by intelligence security officers in a forest near the community of Kadyrkent, in the Sergokalinsky district. According to detectives, he personally accompanied the suicide bomber who detonated the blast at the Park Kultury station to the subway’s entrance.