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Russian Muslims condemn New Zealand mosque attacks

Earlier on March 15, armed assailants attacked two mosques in Christchurch, currently, death toll stands at 49

MOSCOW, March 15. /TASS/. The murders that occurred in two New Zealand mosques on Friday can be compared to Nazi atrocities and must be roundly condemned, Chairman of Russia muftis Council Ravil Gaynutdin said.

"On behalf of Russia’s Mislim community (Umma) I am outraged and condemn the killers’ actions, who have committed the greatest sin by killing innocent people. Russian Muslims mourn the innocents killed and roundly condemn this terror attack, which we view as a barbaric act similar to what the Nazis did," reads the mufti’s statement published on the Russia muftis Council official website.

Ravil Gaynutdin pointed out that the attacks came on the holy for all Muslims day of Juma (Friday). He conveyed to the victims’ families wishes of patience and courage and a speedy recovery to those who were wounded in the attack.

On Friday, armed assailants entered two neighboring mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand right after the day prayer and blocked the doors. The witnesses say that hundreds of people were still in the mosques when the attack occurred. New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush says that, according to the latest reports, the death toll has increased to 49.