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Crimea’s government publishes official list of people killed in Kerch college attack

The youngest students were born in 2003

KERCH, October 18. /TASS/. Crimea’s authorities have published an official list of people killed in the Kerch college attack. The list was published on the website of the republic’s government.

"There are 15 students (including the attacker), of them six minors, and five adults among those killed," the report says.

As many as 20 people were killed, but the list contains 19 names. The attacker, who committed suicide, was not listed.

The list contains the names of 14 killed students: 10 boys and four girls, six of them minors. The youngest students were born in 2003.

On Wednesday afternoon a Kerch Polytechnic College student opened fire there, carried out an explosion and then committed suicide. Twenty people were killed in the attack, including the shooter. The criminal case launched under the "Terror Attack" section was reclassified under the "Murder" section.

Three days of morning were declared in Crimea on Thursday.