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Eurasia high speed railway from Germany to China can be built by 2026

The construction of the railway will start in 2018

MOSCOW, August 24. /TASS/. Construction of the Eurasia high speed railway (HSR) connecting Europe to China can be completed by 2026, Russian Railways said in its presentation available with TASS.

Construction start at different segment varies from 2018 (Moscow - Kazan HSR) to 2023 (Krasnoye-Moscow and Chelyabinsk - Zolotaya Sopka), the presentation says.

Construction of the Russian segment of the railway is estimated at is 3.6 trillion rubles ($60.9 bln), Russian Railways said.

The Russian segment of the HSR is anticipated to be laid from Krasnoye Station close to the border on Belarus to Zolotaya Sopka Station in the vicinity of the border with Kazakhstan.

The project can be financed with participation of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, BRICS New Development Bank, Eurasian Development Bank, Silk Road Fund and Russia-China Investment Fund, according to Russian Railways.

The project also provides for participation of major equipment vendors and construction companies from Russia, Europe, and China.