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Gas reserves in EU’s UGS down below 70%, requests for transit via Ukraine add 5%

The heating season started in Europe on November 14

MOSCOW, February 8. /TASS/. Gas reserves in European underground gas storage (UGS) facilities have dropped below 70%, still remaining stably all-time high for this season. Withdrawal from UGS is 32% higher than the multiyear average. That said, requests for transit of Russian gas through Ukrainian territory rose by 5% on Wednesday to 30.8 mln cubic meters.

Gas withdrawal from EU countries’ UGS facilities amounted to 695 mln cubic meters on February 6, according to data provided by Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE). Meanwhile, the pumping into them amounted to 13 mln cubic meters.

The heating season started in Europe on November 14. Since then, EU countries have withdrawn 32.8 bln cubic meters of gas from UGS facilities. Currently, European UGS facilities are roughly 69.49% full (20.16 percentage points higher than the average as of this date in the past five years), with 75.29 bln cubic meters of gas stored in them.

Requests for transit of Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine for February 8 have increased by 5% to 30.8 mln cubic meters via the Sudzha gas distribution station, according to data released on the website of the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU). Consequently, after February growth supplies remain 29% lower than in the first days of 2023 when they stood at around 42-43 mln cubic meters per day. The transit line through Ukraine remains the only route to supply Russian gas to western and central European countries after Nord Stream was damaged.