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Hainan oil production up 150% in 2022

The production of gas increased 3.9 times during this period, according to the ecological energy service of the Provincial Bureau of Statistics

HAIKOU /China/, January 20. /TASS/. Hainan's oil production in 2022 increased 49.9% and natural gas output went up 3.9 times. The head of the ecological energy service of the Provincial Bureau of Statistics, Hou Shougo, said on Friday.

"In 2022, large industrial enterprises [organizations with profits exceeding 20 million yuan or about $3 million a year] in the province saw their natural gas production increase 3.9 times to 3.15 billion cubic meters," a commentary published on the department's website said. "Oil production rose 49.9% to 559,600 tons."

Power generated by the region's power plants in 2022 increased 1.8%, exceeding 38 billion kWh, according to the official. "Environmentally friendly sources account for 50.4% of that figure. That's an increase of 5.2 percentage points over 2021," Hou Shougou said.

Hainan's electricity consumption rose 2% to 13 billion kWh.

According to official statistics, the area of Hainan, together with the province's sea areas, is about 2 million square kilometers, the equivalent of Mexico's territory. The shelf of the South China Sea adjacent to the island has huge hydrocarbon reserves, the active development of which in the future will allow China to meet a significant share of domestic demand for energy.