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All spans installed on Crimean Bridge road part - deputy PM

The first and second spans are already in the design position

MOSCOW, November 19. /TASS/. All four spans of the road part of the Crimean road-and-rail bridge, which were damaged when a truck exploded on the bridge on October 8, have been installed in their places, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin wrote on his Telegram channel on Saturday.

"The thrusting of all four spans of the Crimean Bridge has been completed. Four spans have been replaced on the right side of the road section. The first and second spans are already in the design position, and the work to make expansion joints on them is underway," he wrote.

The third and fourth spans will be soon lowered to the design positions and the next phase of the work will start.

"In December, two layers of asphalt concrete will be laid on that section, a barrier fence will be assembled and markings will be painted. After that traffic will restart on the right side of the road part," the deputy prime minister explained.

The replacement of the spans damaged by the terrorist attack on the road part of the Crimean Bridge kicked off in early November, and a total of four spans are due to be installed. As for the rail part of the bridge, Khusnullin said earlier that it would take 6-7 months to complete reconstruction, but even now one rail line could easily handle the necessary traffic.

On October 8, a truck was blown up on the Crimean Bridge, collapsing two eastbound parts of its road section and subsequently setting ablaze a train of fuel tanks on a separate, adjacent rail portion of the bridge. Work is in full swing now to repair the roadway.