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Russia becomes second largest oil exporter to China in 2020

Beijing purchased more than 83.57 mln tonnes of oil from Moscow

BEIJING, January 20. /TASS/. Russia in 2020 ranked second after Saudi Arabia in the list of the largest oil suppliers to China. According to the General Customs Administration of China, in 12 months Beijing purchased more than 83.57 mln tonnes of oil from Moscow.

According to the report, the price of oil purchased from Russia exceeded $27.3 bln. Similar figures for Saudi suppliers amounted to 84.92 mln tonnes and $28.05 bln, respectively.

Next in the ranking was Iraq - last year it sold 60.11 mln tonnes of oil to China for $19.17 bln. The list included Brazil (42.18 mln tonnes), Angola (41.78 mln tonnes) and Oman (37.83 mln tonnes).

Judging by the statistics, over the past six months, the United States has stepped up the export of hydrocarbons to China: until July the country was not among the top ten key oil suppliers to China, and in terms of December alone, it took fourth place, displacing Kuwait and Iraq.

Thus, last year Moscow was leading in oil supplies to Beijing in January, April, July, August, and October. In the remaining seven months, Saudi Arabia held the first place among the key exporters of this product to China.