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Volume of international freight traffic in Haikou increases by 52%in 2019

Overall volume of cargo imported via China's airports grew by 48% in January-June

HAIKOU, August 7./TASS/. The total volume of international freight traffic in Meilan Airport in the city of Haikou (the administrative center of Hainan) in the first half of 2019 increased by 52% to 3095 tonnes, according to

According to the publication, the volume of exported cargo amounted to 1294 tonnes, which is 58% more year on year. The total amount of goods brought into China via airports increased in January-June by 48%, up to 1801 tonnes.

The increase in freight transportation was boosted by the active development of international flights, as well as the simplification and acceleration of the procedure for the cargo's arrival and departure. In the first half of 2019, the logistics service of Meilan Airport significantly reduced the duration of the shipment of goods for export, which led to an overall increase in shipments.

According to the news outlet, the growth of indicators was facilitated by the acceleration of customs procedures. Thus, in January-June, Meilan Airport completed customs clearance of more than 350,000 small parcels with a total weight of more than 778 tonnes - this is almost twice as much compared to the same period last year.

Meilan International Airport, opened in 1999, is the largest airport on Hainan. The total area of ​​the airport and its surroundings reaches 322.3 thousand square meters. There are hotels, duty-free stores, as well as the Aerospace Museum of Science and Technology.

According to the information posted on the airport's website, Meilan intends to further advance its infrastructure. It is planned to increase the number of parking space, better traffic situation and make every effort to ensure uninterrupted operation of the increasing passenger flow.